Kaikoura Island I Motu Kaikoura
An open sanctuary promoting wilderness education, ecosystem restoration and public recreation on an offshore island.


Volunteer on the island

On the this website you can find information about how you can get involved in conservation.  As a volunteer you will help with many different conservation tasks such as bird counts, habitat restoration, hut maintenance, historic building restoration, weed control, pine tree poisoning, etc. It’s practical work, mostly outdoors, that gives you the opportunity to meet new people, to learn new skills and to contribute to conservation in New Zealand.

Visiting and helping on the Island

Motu Kaikoura and its surrounding islands are wonderful scenic spots as well as homes for many native species, the range and numbers of which will only increase in the absence of pests. Please help these places recover by:
• Checking your boat (including your dinghy) prior to departure—look for signs of rodents: small black droppings, eaten food, dead bodies(!). We’d appreciate if you could install a trap and maintain it.
• Not tying up or mooring at the Kaikoura wharf. By all means drop people off but then anchor a safe distance away and row ashore.
• Not running shore lines onto Kaikoura or any of the surrounding islands. One of the main ways rats get ashore is off boats and down mooring or shore lines.
• Leaving your pets at home or on the boat. Species such as sea and shore birds, brown teal and banded rail are very tempting morsels for dogs in particular.
• Taking care what you do when you are ashore. Please don’t light fires or camp on these islands and have a pack it in pack it out rubbish policy.
• Come ashore and enjoy Kaikoura but respect that the smaller islands that surround it are private property.

Get in touch for a great chance to experience working on a wildlife sanctuary and contribute to the Trust's restoration efforts. Learn more about this, including how to apply.