Kaikoura Island I Motu Kaikoura
An open sanctuary promoting wilderness education, ecosystem restoration and public recreation on an offshore island.

Sponsors & Donations

The work done by the Motu Kaikoura Trust would not be possible without the generous constitution from the people of New Zealand and the donations from the many organizations noted here.

ASB Community Trust becomes Foundation North   Monday 26 October 2015

ASB Community Trust becomes Foundation North

Monday 26 October 2015

NZIA Local Award Winner - 2018 - Small Project

The project represents a generous investment in supporting community processes in partnership with Architecture and Women NZ. The building required the development of a clever modular system to enable it to be prefabricated, delivered to the remote island site - via helicopters and barges- and finally constructed. The resulting building is a clear and simple gathering place for a deserving community.
— NZIA Awards Jury Citation
The prefabricated building elements for this community project are dismantled, packed and installed on the remote island site off Great Barrier.
Progress to date on the Motu Kaikoura prefabricated building project. A collaboration between SGA Ltd and A+W NZ to create a new community building for the Motu Kaikoura Trust. For more information visit the A+W website.... http://www.architecturewomen.org.nz/news-events/sga-aw-nz-building-workshop-2017-kaikoura-trust
All paper cups and servietts for the Official opening have been kindly donated by  Ecoware NZ .

All paper cups and servietts for the Official opening have been kindly donated by Ecoware NZ.


The Trust wishes to express its thanks to the ASB Community Trust which has been supportive of both the purchase and the continuing management of Motu Kaikoura. In the campaign to purchase the island it generously gave $2 million and helped persuade local government authorities to also assist financially. Subsequently the ASB Trusts have continued to show their support in giving guaranteed finance spread over four years towards the islands management.

The purchase of Motu Kaikoura could not have proceeded without the active support and financial assistance given by the Nature Heritage Fund.   Both the board and the staff saw the potential of the island and took the case to Central Government for the bulk of the necessary funding. 

valued sponsor

In 2013 the communal building was destroyed by arson.

Strachan Group Architects was approached due to their experience in prefabrication. Due to a major shortfall in funding SGA conceived a creative solution to get the project off the ground. A partnership was formed with Architecture+Women NZ to deliver the building contract as an educational programme in which 16 architects and graduates would gain invaluable hands on experience. Due to this unique collaboration the project was also supported by many industry partners who generously donated/discounted building supplies.

Other Sponsors

The Lion Foundation has generously funded a new sewage system which serves  
the Lost Resort, and ablution block.   Jan 2012.   Their latest contributions have seen funding towards a Kawasaki Mule and a further sewerage upgrade.

The Pub Charity made a grant for the wilderness toilet on the airfield,  and lately (2016)has generously made grants towards the Kawasaki Mule and excavator.   

The Stout Trust showed confidence and gave financial support during the campaign to persuade the NZ Government to assist in buying Motu Kaikoura Island. The campaign could not have proceeded without their underwriting the potential costs.  The Stout Trust also helped fund the initial website.

Vodafone made a grant for communications systems, emails and cellphone facilities.

Many donors have assisted with furthering the cause, too many to mention individually yet each has provided valuable resources for which the Trust is most grateful.   A representative sample of donors follows:

The ARC made a grant from their Coastal Enhancement Fund for a new pontoon and gangway. 

Safeworx Ltd. donated wet weather gear for the caretaker.
Dr. Flue Ltd. supplied a wood burner to heat the caretaker's chalet.