Kaikoura Island I Motu Kaikoura
An open sanctuary promoting wilderness education, ecosystem restoration and public recreation on an offshore island.
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February 2018 Feature: Prefabrication

The ambitious Kaikoura Island (Motu Kaikoura) project is now in its final stages. A collaboration between Architecture+Women NZ and Strachan Group Architects (SGA), the project involves designing, building and installing a prefabricated lodge for the Motu Kaikoura Trust, to replace their community building that was destroyed by arson.

The lodge, located on Kaikoura Island, off Great Barrier Island is part of a crown owned scenic reserve, and is used for outdoor and environmental research and education with policies based around sustainability. Given the island's remote and hard to access location, the majority of the build has been completed prefab-style in Auckland.

When designing and building prefabricated projects, lightweight, economical and easy to work with materials are paramount to increase productivity and efficiency. Futurebuild LVL and Ecoply Barrier by CHH Woodproducts were used across the build for their ability to meet these requirements. Produced in New Zealand from renewable plantation pine, these engineered wood products were also able to meet the sustainable vision that was encompassed in the lodge's design.

As well as meeting the sustainable requirements of the project, Futurebuild hySPAN and hyCHORD were utilised for the precision and consistency these products are known for. The precise manufacturing of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) creates a product that is straight, true, strong, and dimensionally stable which was used to ensure this build is accurate to the nearest degree — critical in prefabrication construction.

- excerpt from EBOSS website found here

Dec 2017

The  Installation Team left on Thursday 30 Nov 2017 by ferry to Kaikoura Island, after the Health and Safety induction for the helicopter held at Sandspit.

The floor cassettes were barged earlier in the week, and were helicoptored into the site by Thursday evening, ready for the building team to start work. Wall and roof cassettes followed by helicoptor transport the following day.

The team of 21 on the island were from Crate Innovation Ltd, SGA, J R Hosking Carpenters & Co and the 16 members of the A+W NZ / SGA building workshop team. The hard work by all over the last 19 weeks was (literally) put together over the 4 days from 30 Nov to 3 Dec.

There are sleeping cabins and ablutions on the island, managed by the Motu Kaikoura Trust, however there is no kitchen or other facilities so the team had to plan for four days of meals for twenty-one people were prepared with a a single bar-b-que!.That's a major feat in itself - let alone constructing a building as well!

-excerpt from Architecture Women website found here

Nov 10, 2017

Update: Motu Kaikora Building Workshop

Progress has been strong on the SGA and A+W•NZ Motu Kaikoura Building Workshop, with the team mentally preparing for the (psychologically) challenging task of dismantling the very building they have been constructing over the last four months.

The kitchen/dining/research facility being built for the Motu Kaikoura Community Trust at the prefabrication SGA and Crate Innovation Ltd Workshops in Kingsland is almost complete – and now the team of 16 participants need to prepare to take it all apart again, labelling each component, right down to each screw, as they go.

The celebration of a completed building will be short-lived, as then the task will be to dis-assemble and flatpack for transport by barge to Kaikoura Island, a short ferry trip from Great Barrier Island.

- excerpt from ArchitectureNow Website found here

Dec 13, 2016

Strachan Group Associates (SGA) and A+W-NZ collaborate to provide construction education for students, architectural graduates and architects through inviting applicants to partake in the restoration of the Motu Kaikoura Lodge lost to arson.

Dave Strachan has carried out excellent work as Adjuct Professor at Unitec, guiding students through a prefabrication process and providing completed locatable buildings to community groups. With the relocation of SGA to Rossmay Terrace in Kingsland, they have developed their own workshop facilities to create a design-build heaven, with Crate Building Innovation

The following excerpt is published in the Architecture Newsletter found here
"This course is being offered to architectural graduates and Registered Architects, to gain confidence and further knowledge on a construction site. While the various schools of architecture and Spatial Design  provide building education to students, opportunities are less often available to architectural graduates and architects, and SGA and A+W-NZ aim to fill that gap.
The timeline for the project is projected for April-May 2017, with initial setup meetings from late January 2017.
1. Continuing Professional Development (CPD - number to be confirmed)
2. Learn and become competent with power tools and acquire basic building skills
3. Develop a real understanding of building/assembly of components/materials.
4. Learn various methods of prefabrication and efficiency of materials.
5. Become familiar with “builder” terminology for tools, fixings and materials.
6. Gain confidence and satisfaction in the process of “making” for a charitable Trust.

image: SGA Motu Kaikoura Concept Design Sketch

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- excerpt from Architecture Women Website found here