Kaikoura Island I Motu Kaikoura
An open sanctuary promoting wilderness education, ecosystem restoration and public recreation on an offshore island.

Motu Kaikoura Airfield

Building of the Airfield, preparation of the Wharf Area and Improvement of the Road on Kaikoura Island (April to October, 1997)

Photos of these activities have generously been made available by Alan & Sue Gray of Awana, Great Barrier Island. 

Machinery was first landed by the Subritsky Shipping Company's motorised barge ‘Tasman’ in early April 1997. Alan Gray’s involvement from mid-April to 17th October 1997 came when Renton Foote asked him to help out using his blasting ticket and skills.  A lull in activity around June and July was to prevent run-off problems. By about the end of October 1997, the job was finished. Prior to this airfield, there was a rough top-dressing strip that had been made some years before by Laurie Turner.

Don Fasher had bought a floating pontoon in Whangarei and had it towed to the island, where it was located in its present position.

The ‘Tasman’ dropped its forward ramp and landed the various vehicles, machines and supplies directly onto the island from Auckland.