Kaikoura Island I Motu Kaikoura
An open sanctuary promoting wilderness education, ecosystem restoration and public recreation on an offshore island.


PrefabNZ picks up the Lodge Rebuild

The new Motu Kaikoura lodge is an exciting, innovative and collaborative community project lead by SGA. Components were prefabricated in their Kingsland workshop as part of an educational programme to teach practical building skills to a team of Architecture + Women NZ members and transported by land sea and sky for assembly on the remote island location.

Motu Kaikoura is a protected scenic reserve north-west of Great Barrier Island, managed by the Motu Kaikoura Community Trust. The lodge area is located on the southern side and accommodates research workers, education initiatives, volunteers and public visitors to the unique island. In 2013 the communal building was destroyed by arson. SGA was approached due to their experience in prefabrication and the remote location demanded it.

The facility, which houses a kitchen, dining and indoor/outdoor living is conceived of flexible spaces with a strong connection to the environment through framed apertures and plentiful natural light. The directional breezeway draws you in towards the hypnotic view with decks either side to be utilised depending on weather conditions. In response to the existing buildings, services and various directions of approach, the new saw-tooth form reaches up to grab the north sun and imitate the natural bush form. Materials are robust, the pre-finished exterior blends into the surrounding bush, contrasted by the warmth of the timber interior.

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