Kaikoura Island I Motu Kaikoura
An open sanctuary promoting wilderness education, ecosystem restoration and public recreation on an offshore island.
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The Motu Kaikoura Trust is committed to seeing the Motu Kaikoura sanctuary project contribute to the conservation of New Zealand's native plants and animals.


About motu kaikoura  

The island has a wharf and floating pontoon (ARC grant obtained to replace gangway and pontoon) 548 metre licensed airfield, several kilometers of road. Tractor and accessories, trans mule and excavator. (Thanks to Lion Foundation and Pub Charity for their grants) An alternator for power reticulated underground. Both Spark and Vodafone have cell sites on the island. 3G facilities are obtained through the Vodafone site for our use on the island. A radio repeater was commissioned in conjunction with Glenfern and Outdoor Pursuits Centre (now known as Hillary Outdoors) for regular communications and all safety frequencies.Upgraded sewerage system and hot water.   The caretaker’s office was restored and commissioned in 2011.


About Motu Kaikoura Trust

Legal name of the Charity: Motu Kaikoura Trust Board

Other Name (inc Trading Name): Motu Kaikoura Trust

Registration number: CC30916

Trustees 2018

Rod Miller                    Chairperson

Mel Galbraith               Vice-Chairperson

Peter Hutton                 Treasurer

Rosalie Miller                Secretary

Geoff Davidson

Mike Lee

Harry Doig

Lynette Hoey

Sue Daly

Gemma Parkin